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Camps & Clinics

Elite Sports Ohio  is proud to host many camps and clinics  throughout the year.  By providing athletes with camps, we encourage them to build up their skill sets, receive one-on-one coaching, and round out their game.

‚ÄčAlong with the expertise of our coaching staff, Elite Sports Ohio also brings in some of the best collegiate coaches in the nation to work with area athletes to continue the development of their game and be able to work in a 1 on 1 experience with top collegiate and international coaches.

Looking for help with ball control, blocking, setting, or other skills? Then you might want to check out some of our camps. We provide camps designed around specific skill sets. If you are interested in one of these opportunities, register online space is limited.

Multi Day Instruction:
Elite "Recruit Me" Prospect Camp and Showcase (9th-12th)
Elite Academy Camp (3rd-6th Grade)
Elite Advanced Position Camp (7th-10th)
Elite Prep Camp (7th-9th Grade)

Positional Specific Camps and Clinics
Arms, Hands, Core
Setting Mechanics
Arm Swing Mechanics
Attacking Mechanics
Attacking and Passing
Blocking and Hitting
Setters and Hitters
Passers and Setters
Aggressive Serving
Ball Control and Platform Management
Defensive Mechanics
1st Contact Training (Serve and Pass)

Quick Hits
Quick hits was developed for the athlete that wants to get specific training, but does not have the time to commit to full or multi day camps. These semi-private lessons focus on Defensive Mechanics, Attacking Concepts, Serving Tactics, and Serve Receive concepts.

Fundamentals are beginning level camps for athlete that are just learning the game.  We are proud to have the only camp staff to specialize and develop a curriculum for athletes that are just learning the game.

Quick Facts

  • High Quality Instructors at affordable rates
  • Energetic Coaches for all levels of athlete
  • A variety of camps available for booking
  • Tailored to your athletes’ skill level
  • High communication
  • 10 Years of Camp experience
  • Online registration for campers

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