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2020 Summer Workout Sessions

By Brandon Thewes, 05/12/20, 8:15AM EDT


Getting ready for the school season, or looking to get out of the house. We are proud to announce summer workouts with our inhouse yoga and performance coach Sara Zeltman. We are working on the complete athletes from their flexibility to your vertical jump, all focusing on injury prevention.

Rise and Shine
This morning movement class is the perfect way to start the day! Gentle warm-ups and low-intensity flows will get your body and mind ready to have a great day every day. (Beginner-Advanced) 60mins

MTWRF 8:00am          $12 Session

Power Flow  
Turn up the heat with this fast-paced bodyweight-only class. Modeled after the Vinyasa Yoga style of utilizing one breath per movement, this upbeat class will be sure to keep you on your toes. (Intermediate-Advanced) 45mins

MWF 9:00am              $12 Session

What's the best way to slay your goals? Work, Rest, Repeat. Get to this class and put in the work during this full-body strength and movement flow that has an intent to develop your growth mindset. Designed to ignite you physically and mentally to succeed at something amazing. (Beginner-Advanced) 45mins

TR 9:00am                   $12 Session

HIIT Yoga Fusion
This class is a cardio and yoga mashup! Targeted toward short intensity bursts to increase your heart rate with a sprinkling of popular yoga poses, this class is a fun way to condition for life or sports like volleyball. (Beginner-Advanced) 45mins

MWF 10:00am            $12 Session

Circuit Strength
Wanna make the most out of your summer? Build strength, increase your metabolism, and improve your overall body control, all while moving through our circuit class. Minimal lifting experience is preferred but not required. (Beginner-Advanced) 45mins

TR 10:00am     $12 Session

Sculpt & Stabilize
We all know building a strong foundation is key, and this class will help you do just that. The focus is on sculpting and strengthening the foundational stabilizer muscles for improved control during athletic performance. (Beginner-Intermediate) 45mins

TR 11:00am $12 Session

Sports Performance Training
Is your goal to be an elite performer? Join this class to enhance performance in all areas of your specific position of volleyball. Strength, agility, and body control will be combined during training to maximize your sports performance and improve your movement efficiency, all while decreasing risk of injury for the upcoming season. Weekly commitment to this class is recommended. (Intermediate-Advanced) 45 mins

MWF 11:00am            $150 Program

Speed & Agility
This sport-specific class with the focus on cultivating the athleticism of speed and agility. Quick direction changes, footwork coordination, and body control during dynamic movement will improve when you invest yourself in this class. Weekly commitment to this class is recommended. (Beginner-Advanced) 45 mins

W 12:00pm                $55 Program

Max Vertical Training
This six-week program is designed to increase your vertical jump and add explosiveness to your transitions. Commitment to this program twice a week for six weeks is required. 45mins

TR 12:00pm                 $105 Program

8:00 Rise and Shine (MTWRF)
9:00 Power Flow (MWF)  /  Nama-Slay (TR) 
10:00 HIIT Yoga Fusion (MWF)  /  Circuit Strength (TR)
11:00 Sport Performance (MWF) /Sculpt & Stabilize (TR)
12:00 Max Vertical Training (TR)/ Speed Agility (W)

Pricing Structure
Pick and Choose  Classes

$12.00 Per Class

$60 Six Sessions 
$115 Twelve Sessions
$160 Eighteen Sessions 
$205 Twenty Four Sessions 

Programs Cost
Sports Performance Training $150
Max Vertical Training $105
Speed Agility $55