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First Week of Summer Camps

By Brandon Thewes, 06/13/20, 2:15PM EDT


We are excited to be back in full swing and allowing the local athletes to train again. We have limited spaces available in the following camps.  Feel free to register for open camps:


This camp is for passers and attackers that want to increase reps on a passing and attacking in out of system situations and becoming better transition. Courts will be divided for specific abilities.

EST0616                 June 16, 2020       6:00-7:30pm        $35         6th-9th Grade  (6 Spots)


Setting and Hitting will work with athletes attacking mechanics and setting mechanics and focus on connecting and effective shot selection. Courts will be divided for specific abilities.

EST0618                 June 18, 2020       6:00-7:30pm        $35         6th-9th Grade (3 Spots Left)


This camp’s focus is on developing a complete setter. This camp will develop athlete’s lower body movement patterns, foot speed, and accuracy to make the athlete a more effective setter while focusing on setter consistency on hand positioning, emphasizing consistent tempo and placement for all settable balls. Courts will be divided for specific abilities.

SSLM616               June 16, 2020       12:30-2:00pm      $35         7th-12th Grade (5 Spots Left)


This is a serving camp that focuses on the intricacies of aggressive serving and technique to make you a more effective serving specialist. Focusing on Hand positioning, contact point, jump serving, serving location, and tactical strategies. This is not a beginner serving camp. Courts will be divided for specific abilities

AAGS616               June 16, 2020       2:30-4:00pm        $35         7th-12th Grade (Maximum Capacity)


This camp’s focus is geared towards players wanting to be the outside hitters for their team. The camp will focus on passing and hitting mechanics while focusing on transitional footwork to make athletes a more dynamic hitter. Skills addressed include footwork, arm swing mechanics, eye sequencing, transitioning, and serve receive. Courts will be divided for specific abilities. Lunch included.
PHPC618               June 18, 2020       10:30-2:30pm      $75         7th-12th Grade (9 Spots Left)


This clinic series is for athletes that are trying to get extra training with critical skills. Sessions are tailored to athletes in the training session. We keep this a 1:10 ratio for maximizing the reps; the series will focus on the development of proper mechanics.

QHS6171                 Defense Mechanics                June 17th, 2020       $25          3:30-4:30 pm 6th-10th Grade  (5 Spots Left)
QHS6172                 Serve Receive Mechanics      June 17th, 2020       $25          4:30-5:30 pm 6th-10th Grade  (2 Spots Left)

QHS6181                 Hitting Mechanics                  June 18th, 2020       $25          3:30-4:30 pm 6th-10th Grade (5 Spots Left)
QHS6182                 Defense Mechanics                June 18th, 2020       $25          4:30-5:30 pm 6th-10th Grade (5 Spots Left)