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2022 Team Picture Day

By Brandon Thewes, 01/08/22, 8:00PM EST


This upcoming weekend we will be hosting lake photography for our annual picture and media day. Below is the schedule for all teams.  We will be sending a link to place online orders for the 2022 Pictures. Teams have their picture day time and team practices, everything is on team calendars on January 16th.

Team Picture and Media Day Schedule:
9:45am-Uniform Distribution
10:00-11:00am- 17 Select, 16 Select, 15 Select, 15 Premier

10:45am-Uniform Distribution
11:00-12:00pm- Prep Teams (Pink, Navy, Royal Black, Grey)

11:45am-Uniform Distribution
12:00-1:00pm- 14 Elite, 14 Premier, 14 Select, 14 Navy, 14 Grey

12:45pm- Uniform Distribution
1:00-2:00pm- Prep Teams (Carolina, Green, Orange, Purple, White)

1:45pm- Uniform Distribution
2:00-3:00pm- 13 prime, 13 Premier, 13 Select, 13 Navy, 12 Navy, 12 Grey)

2:45pm- Uniform Distribution
3:00-4:00pm- Academy Program (Navy, Carolina, Grey, Silver, White, Pink)

3:45pm- Uniform Distribution
4:00-5:00pm- 17Elite, 17 Pime, !6 Elite,16 Prime, 15 Elite, 15 Prime