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Pre-Tryout Open Gyms and Clinics

By Brandon Thewes, 04/26/23, 3:00PM EDT


Elite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company will offer a multitude of Open Gyms and Pre-Tryout Clinics for all athletes getting ready for the new summer club tryouts. 


This camp is geared towards players who want to compete at that Elite Sports Ohio. You will be instructed in all the major skills. Working on serve, approach, arm swing and defense. This will help athletes prepare for the summer tryouts, and have the opportunity to see how our training is different from other clubs. All three courts have instruction from Elite Tier Coaches. This camp includes t-shirt.

ELTCAM23                             June 14-15, 2023                 $85         9:30-11:30am      7th-9th Grade


Open gyms will have zero- instruction. This is for athletes to come in and work with peers on skills and be organized into competitive gameplay. Elite Staff will manage time and suggest drills, but will not physical run instructional drills.

OGYM606               Open Gym              June 6th, 2023         $10          5:00-7:00pm           10th-12th Grade
OGYM608               Open Gym              June 8th, 2023         $10          5:00-7:00pm           8th Grade
OGYM613               Open Gym              June 13th, 2023       $10          5:00-7:00pm           7th Grade
OGYM615               Open Gym              June 15th, 2023       $10          5:00-7:00pm           9th Grade



These tune-up clinics are for athletes looking to get specific reps on skills that they are trying to improve before tryouts.

EST6071                  Serving                    June 7th , 2023        $20          5:00-5:55pm           7th-10th Grade
EST6073                  Defense                  June 7th ,2023         $20          6:00-6:55pm           7th-10th Grade
EST6073                  Hitting                     June 7th ,2023         $20          7:00-7:55pm           7th-10th Grade

EST6141                  Hitting                     June 14th , 2023      $20          5:00-5:55pm           7th-10th Grade
EST6143                  Serving                    June 14th ,2023       $20          6:00-6:55pm           7th-10th Grade
EST6143                  Defense                  June 14th ,2023       $20          7:00-7:55pm           7th-10th Grade
EST6211                  Defense                  June 21st, 2023       $20          5:00-5:55pm           7th-10th Grade
EST6212                  Hitting                     June 21st ,2023       $20          6:00-6:55pm           7th-10th Grade
EST6213                  Serving                    June 21st ,2023       $20          7:00-7:55pm           7th-10th Grade
EST6281                  Serving                    June 28th , 2023      $20          5:00-5:55pm           7th-10th Grade
EST6282                  Defense                  June 28th  ,2023      $20          6:00-6:55pm           7th-10th Grade
EST6283                  Hitting                     June 28th ,2023       $20          7:00-7:55pm           7th-10th Grade