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Evening Skills Training

Passing and Attacking

This camp is for both passers and attackers that want quality reps especially in out of system situations.  Become better in transitioning and reading the court. Skills addressed include footwork, passing mechanics, attacking mechanics, serve receive systems. Courts will be divided for specific abilities.

PAAT611               June 11, 2024       5:00-6:30pm        $48         7th-9th Grade
PAAT620               June 20, 2024       6:30-8:00pm        $48         7th-9th Grade

PAAT716               July 16, 2024        6:30-8:00pm        $48         7th-9th Grade
PAAT725               July 25, 2024        5:00-6:30pm        $48         7th-9th Grade

Serving and Passing

This camp will focus on the specifics of serving and serve receive. Camp will emphasize hand positioning, accuracy, tempo and overall mechanics, while focusing on passers movement and proper body position and footwork. Courts will be divided for specific abilities

SEPA611                June 11, 2024       6:30-8:00pm        $48         7th-9th Grade
SEPA625                June 25, 2024       5:00-6:30pm        $48         7th-9th Grade

SEPA702                July 2, 2024          6:30-8:00pm        $48         7th-9th Grade
SEPA725                July 25, 2024        6:30-8:00pm        $48         7th-9th Grade

Attacking and Blocking

Attacking and Blocking will work with athletes on blocking and attacking techniques for all front row positions. Skills addressed include footwork, arm swing mechanics, core engagement, eye sequencing, transition, and offense. Courts will be divided for specific abilities.

ATBL613                June 13, 2024       5:00-6:30pm        $48         7th-9th Grade
ATBL625                June 25, 2024       6:30-8:00pm        $48         7th-9th Grade
ATBL716                July 16, 2024        5:00-6:30pm        $48         7th-9th Grade

Attacking and Serving

Attacking and Serving will work with athletes on attacking mechanics and serving techniques. Primary focus of the camp is to develop higher quality contacts.  Skills addressed include hand contact, footwork, arm swing mechanics, and transition. Courts will be divided for specific abilities

ATSE613                June 13, 2024       6:30-8:00pm        $48         7th-9th Grade
ATSE627                June 27, 2024       5:00-6:30pm        $48         7th-9th Grade
ATSE718                 July 18, 2024        5:00-6:30pm        $48         7th-9th Grade
ATSE723                 July 23, 2024        5:00-6:30pm        $48         7th-9th Grade

Setting and Passing

This camp’s focus will emphasize platform management and setting techniques, especially those who are a primary setter or a primary passer. This camp will break down off-system training. We will encourage proper technique to be an effective passer and setter. Courts will be divided for specific abilities.

STPA618                June 18, 2024       5:00-6:30pm       $48         7th-9th Grade
STPA627                June 27, 2024       6:30-8:00pm       $48         7th-9th Grade
STPA723                July 23, 2024        6:30-8:00pm        $48         7th-9th Grade

Passing and Digging

This camp’s focus is geared to teach athletes defensive posture and form along with platform management. This will teach athletes to become more effective and consistent passers by focusing on passers movement and proper body position and footwork for defense and serve receive. Courts will be divided for specific abilities

PADG618               June 18, 2024       6:30-8:00pm        $48         7th-9th Grade
PADG620               June 20, 2024       5:00-6:30pm        $48         7th-9th Grade

PADG702               July 2, 2024          5:00-6:30pm        $48         7th-9th Grade
PADG718               July 18, 2024        6:30-8:00pm        $48         7th-9th Grade

Evening Skill Training Packages

This camp package is for athletes that would like to take part in multiple sessions. Elite Sports Ohio has made this opportunity available at a discounted rate.

EST4223                 4 Sessions              Your Choice          $180
EST6223                 6 Sessions              Your Choice          $260
EST1023                 10 Sessions            Your Choice          $400
EST1223                 12 Sessions            Your Choice          $420